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How We Started

In 2013, we set out to create restaurants that would enable people to live more intentional lifestyles. Ones focused on creating a better life for our team and those we served. We knew then that in order for us to pull this off we would need to create places that fostered greatness. Places where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to do their best work, with very little in their way. We believe in connecting smart people with work that enriches them and those around them while empowering the next generation of leaders. 

We started UNCO Services in 2019 to better achieve the mission above. We spent 2 years building a team and refining the back office processes for our own restaurants. Although we will never stop refining, we are now ready to help others achieve the same back office efficiency so they can focus on their respective missions.



Outsourced Accounting

We are restaurant operators and understand that back office processes are an extension of your operations. We also understand that the cost structure matters – we will collaborate with you to determine the right software solutions such that your total accounting costs don’t exceed 1.5% of your revenue.

10-Day Prelims: PL / Balance Sheet / Cash Flow statements ready for your review 10 business days after your period end


Weekly PL Statement Configuration


Accounts Payable Prep: All the way up to hitting pay


Daily Sales and Cash Reconciliation


Sales/Beverage Tax Filing

What's Included

Less Than 3 Locations:

Accounts Payable:

Inventory Management & Weekly PL: CTUIT

Accounting: QuickBooks


Greater Than 3 Locations:

Accounts Payable: Plate IQ

Inventory Management & Weekly PL: CTUIT

Accounting: Sage Intacct

Software Solutions

Fractional CFO Services

Hourly consulting on PL / balance sheet or operations from UNCO leadership.

Direct, Non-Control Investments

We know what it takes to create and operate successful restaurants and want to actively participate alongside others that have demonstrated a similar ability to do so.


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